Producer MeccaGodzilla‘s newest EP “CLICK CLACK: The Jerrold Experiment ” is audacious, unpredictable and downright hard hitting. Kicking off with the Jem (Yeah, the 80s cartoon)inspired track Jem Star, you get to hear a seamless blend of 80s electronic music and boom bap which I must add is a theme that runs through the 4 track EP. Short and intense is what I call this one.

Hit the play button and get familiar.


Chances are you may not know!    Jem is an icon of 80s pop cartoon culture and she is known to be “Truly Outrageous!”   In the 1980s, we had a LOT of funny terminology like “Rad”, “Totally Awesome” , “Dope (we still say this)”, “Hype” and “DEF! (eh emmm.. Def Jam)… anyways… my creative focus this week is drawing inspiration from Jem for my brand new producer series titled “Click Clack: The Jerrold Experiment.”  
Each Thursday I will share something brand new for you guys!

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