Japanese hip-hop pioneer COMA-CHI teams up with Brooklyn, NY rapper/producer MeccaGodZilla. for a 3 track project titled Spiritual Bitch. The project bridged the eclectic Japanese culture and tradition with the edginess of hip-hop and a healthy dose of spirituality. Produced in its entirety by MeccaGodZilla, the project sure packs a punch with its off-kilter, experimental sounds and COMA-CHI’s unapologetic lyrics and commanding lyrical presence. As the title suggests, it fuses two seemigly incompatible elements to express the strong, fierce, and spiritually discerning heart that women can embody as they continue to navigate an ever-changing, and sometimes toxic, male dominated world.

The opening record  “Watch Your Mouth” shares gems of the ancient Japanese motif of “Kotodama (言霊)” and the importance of women protecting one’s heart from the negative words of others and breaking the chains of self invalidation. Over the moody and cinematic backdrop laid before her, she holds down the fort with her vivid lyrics and weaving both English and Japanees, she connects two worlds in her own unique manner. On “Paper Doll” she slow sit down with a somewhat hushed melodic flow and reflective songwriting about self discovery and taking that step towards one’s goals as a continous journey. The final track “Astrology Rap” has an atmospheric aetshteic with the energetic synths and rousing drum patterns while COMA_CHI deliver upliftingand encouraging bars using Astrology as a reference point.


Stream Spiritual Bitch on all DSPs here.

The lead single “Watch Your Mouth” was 1st released as NFT in the Metaverse via DAO Records on May 25, 2022.



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