The last installment of Meccagodzilla’s Click Clack:The Jerrod Experiment took us back to 80’s where he sampled music from the Japanese cartoon Jem. On the latest entry titled “Jagi No Ichi”, Mecca takes inspirational from the cult anime Hokuto No Ken (Known to many as Fist Of The Northstar) and delivers a hard hitting, ominous joint. Being a huge fan of the anime, this project hits close to home and I totally love it when producers go beyond the usual to create a piece of work many can relate to.

I’m pretty sure most have heard of Akira, well Hokuto No Ken is a must watch so hit the play button and get familiar with Meccagodzilla


This week’s inspiration for “Click Clack: The Jerrold Experiment”
comes from a Japanese Manga / Anime titled “Fist of the North Star” aka Hokuto No Ken!

The first time I saw this cartoon was when I visited France as an exchange student at age 10 (decades ago LOL). I randomly caught the tail end of this anime on TV at my host family’s house. The lead character Kenshiro, was like Mad Max meets Kyokushin’s Oyama san meets Bruce Lee. He is amazing! Since there was no internet back then and I couldn’t speak french, I didn’t know well how to find out the title to this cartoon! I ventured back to the USA and tried to find out for years what this cartoon was called

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