B-More based emcee MC Bravado cooks up a loosie in the form of Brand New Bag. A sparse, piano driven track with snappy drums crafted by producer Militant Marxman. MC Bravado pens a concept cut where he alludes to the semblance of drugs and music and the effects.
Hit the play button and get with the program

Brief Bio

MC Bravado is a transcendent rap artist whose origins are in the NYC area; today, he works and resides in Baltimore, Maryland as a high school English Teacher. He’s defined by his conceptual ingenuity and impassioned defense of the “pen game.” MC B believes that said rigorous approach and adherence to the golden standard of writing, coupled with a delivery all his own, have gotten him to where he is today and will be the vehicle by which he finds staying power in an oftentimes transient genre.

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