MC Bravado teams up with SC Static for the hard hitting song “Human Torch” which is off Bravado’s sophomore LP titled ‘Hip-Hop‘. The Brendan Riice produced song is built over an ominous flute like instrument laced with sparse drums which allows both emcees to deliver face crunching verbal jabs against would be opponents. The video, directed by Andrew Ryan helps take the theme higher by adding some horrocore elements into the mix as both rhymesters proceed to verbally assault an unfortunate individual.

While no actual on camera assault takes place, the viewer can immediately feel the ominous progression in the visuals. Hit the play button and get familiar.

Human Torch” isn’t about burning the proverbial bridge: it’s about nuking it. Fortunately for all of those within striking distance, MC Bravado and SC Static are still battling hypothetical opponents. As with the rest of the tracks on Hip-Hop*, this latest song/visual off MC B’s acclaimed second LP fulfills its intended role methodically, serving as an homage to horrorcore with dutiful malice. “Human Torch” was produced by Brendan Riice; the video was shot/directed by Andrew Bryan. 

MC Bravado Online:

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