Manus Bell links with Jonah Wright for “Legacy” single, the second release off his album “Brothers Over Business.” 

‘Raptivist’ Manus Bell delivers storytelling in it’s purest form, depicting his journey from childhood into adulthood.  As a child, wearing his cape of innocence, his dreams were to make it big under the spotlight. Bell then describes the fallacies of teenage masculinity such as drinking, sex, and crimes.

The journey continues into the realm of soul searching while climbing out of the underground and grasping the bigger picture of making it big.  For Bell, as an adult, finding love and securing healthy relationships is on the top of his wish list and declares ‘brothers over business’.

Both Bell and Wright flow effortlessly over smooth cadences and soulful beats. Listeners will embrace the sincerity spewing from both artists. Stream “Legacy” above.

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