Los Angeles, Ca born artist LocalBlac’s style is a mix of soul.R&B, rap draped in a whole lot of honesty. After performing under different aliases, he has finally settled on the moniker LocalBlac which refers to something or someone who has grown locally but has obtained infinite power/depth (blac) from its surroundings, not being defeated by the darkness but manifesting light from the dark. His new releases include two joints that showcase his versatility and knack for penning insightful gems.


The first cut on deck is the solemn track titled “Drop Culture! “featuring singer Natalie Oliveri who delivers a sublime chorus. The track has a surreal dreamy texture that fits LocalBlac’s passionate and vivid lyrics that dive into real-time issues like problems plaguing black folks in a system that seeks to keep them at the bottom.

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“Bag of Suck!” is the second cut and it has an upbeat and somewhat rousing beat that accommodates LocalBlac’s spirited flow and style which encompasses street edge elements with insightful anecdotes. The track serves as an introduction to his album Inside Voices Please!.

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