LMNZ is back with a new single “Falling” that blends elements of rock and rap with his unique experimental approach. He also brings along emcee Yugen Blakrok to join him on the hard-hitting, reflective track. The track deals with the feeling of endless falling in areas marked by genocide, hatred, racism, rape, and death. It also dives into how these events affect people on both sides and how life changes after the dust have settled. It’s pretty rivetting and will definitely make the listener think deeply.

LMNZ is working on a series of musical projects titled The ‘Elements Series’ consists of four EPs: ‘Air’, ‘Water’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Earth’. Each album is dedicated to its element, the four letters of his name and the four seasons. LMNZ is usually hands-on with his projects but this time he works with other producers such as Eh Behaart A. Gauland and Kronstädta.


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