Yugen Blakrok’s project Animal Mysterium showed the South African emcee is more than capable of holding her own on the microphone. She slowly created a path for herself with her unique style of rap that blends science, mythology, and abstract themes. For the video for the song “Gorgon Madonna “, she showed a whole new side of the coin as she taps into mythology and religion. Taking on elements of the accursed monster Medusa and the purity of the Virgin Mary, Blakrok shows us the strength of the Divine Feminine in the guise of the ultimate warrior, a woman scorned who has returned to take her just dues.

The visual is very graphic as Yann Marquis aims to accentuate the dense lyrics and themes in a very gripping manner. From the cinematic aesthetic and dark themes, we get to see a myriad of hybrid and extraordinary characters on screen who help convey a figurative meaning of the song.

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