Veteran NY lyricist Double A.B. is back in the business with his new hard-hitting single “Ray Liotta” which pays homage to the actor and its accompanying visual.  Bolstered by Parallel Thought‘s cinematic and haunting backdrop, Double A.B proceeds to exorcise his demons with off-kilter and unapologetic lines like “Y’all clowns couldn’t cut me with baking soda/ The Ray Liotta of the 80s baby soldiers/Spent most days twisted, I could relate to Yoga“. His lines are authoritative and his laid-back flow is unassuming but don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, the man packs a punch.

The track comes with a moody visual shot by Robert Cutrona who makes use of different movie clips from Ray Liotta and more and also performance shots of Double A.B himself.

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