Bristol, UK artist LilPixie B delivers her new track “Culture freestyle” to our doorstep. The mellow record is a smooth mix of R&B/downtempo trap with stylish rap aesthetics. Over the moody pads, sparse but punchy drums and cinematic textures, LilPixie explores her past and the many events that shaped her in the present. Armed with her laidback soft vocal tone, she kicks off the track with sultry melodic runs before switching into rap with lines like  “Switching myself, I know kinda like of an actress/Pretty face, petite but please don’t look too deep, man all the things I’ve seen/could you cope with the sins?“. Here, she gives listeners a glimpse into her life and allows new fans to understand where she is coming from.


Lilpixie B is an independent RnB/rap artist based in Bristol, UK. Having grown up in a music oriented background with her parents being DJs, she listened to hiphop, RnB/soul, disco/house, reggae, blues and more from an early age. Pulling at log of influence from the likes of the Fugees, Queen Latifah, Lily Allen, Slim Shady (Eminem) and more! Lyrically Pixie took a lot of influence from different rap genres because of the amount of information and expression artists could capture in their lyrics. While her melodies and tone have the relaxed mellow notes often captured in RnB/soul. Lilpixie B’s style could be compared to the likes of Jorja Smith & IAMDDB while still maintaining a strong individual sound.

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