Bristol-based singer/songwriter LilPixie B returns with her new release titled “Baby” which sees her teaming up with rapper Creamo. The track is a heartfelt love tune that explores the dynamics of being in love and the ups and downs of relationships that one can’t avoid. Creamo sets the tone with his heavy vocal tone and candid lyrics that dwell on the turbulent times lovers go through. LilPixie B follows it with her sultry melodic runs and a verse that gives her own perspective on the situation and reassures her partner that she will always be there for them.



Lilpixie B is an independent RnB/rap artist based in Bristol, UK. Having grown up in a music oriented background with her parents being DJs, she listened to hiphop, RnB/soul, disco/house, reggae, blues and more from an early age. Pulling at log of influence from the likes of the Fugees, Queen Latifah, Lily Allen, Slim Shady (Eminem) and more! Lyrically Pixie took a lot of influence from different rap genres because of the amount of information and expression artists could capture in their lyrics. While her melodies and tone have the relaxed mellow notes often captured in RnB/soul. Lilpixie B’s style could be compared to the likes of Jorja Smith & IAMDDB while still maintaining a strong individual sound.

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