Lil Brick is a Indian-American rapper, and he has served us this cut that is very heavy with the cypher. A lot of rap heads and rap fanatics are going to be very happy to listen and dissect this piece right here. The track, ‘Eagle Eyed’ is taken from his recently released EP “Road To Ouroboros” and Lil Brick speaks on it saying:

“Track 3 from my debut EP…Features 6 rappers in a back-to-back cypher format.”

Making an appearance on the cypher are the rappers including Fourxe, Jay Moss, M.O. Stoic, SoundMind and Pres. Together with these five emcees, Lil Brick delivers a stellar cypher that must be heralded. Interestingly, it would appear Brick chooses to be very minimal with information and would rather have the music speak for itself. So, sound off on the track which you can also stream on iTunes to feel the cypher heavy. Make sure you hit up his Twitter as well to get familiar.

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