UK singer Shingai (frontwoman and bassist from Noisettes) opens up on a grand note with her anthemic single titled “War Drums.” The track is a powerful ode to her London, Bantu, and Zimbabwean roots which all add up to a boisterous, uplifting sonic display of the strength of womanhood and then some. Backed by heavy drums, pulsating basslines, and mantra-like vocal chants, Shingai delivers an uplifting message with her commanding vocals as she implores the listeners not to let up but keep fighting the good fight because we are all strong.

The song fuses a portion of a traditional “Chichewa” welcome song, sang to the Noisettes on arrival during their Southern African festival tour, featuring her Malawian cousins. Co-written and co-produced with Kerry Leatham (Roseau), a kindred collaborator  (who co-wrote “Revolutions” and produced a standout remix for “Champion Styles”) in the legendary Echo Zoo studio mews on the Eastbourne coast. “War Drums” is the lead single from her forthcoming Ancient Futures EP.


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