The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Rxtherapper – 5am freestyle “Big Bro My Idol” P (Remix by RXTHERAPPER )


Rxtherapper opens up this list with his version of 5am freestyle “Big Bro My Idol” P and delivers a fiery performance ripe with insightful elements and a bravado demeanor.


Pres – “Hopeless Romantic” (feat. Neleh)


Emerging emcee Pres teams up with singer Neleh for this heartfelt tune titled “Hopeless Romantic” The record deals with the dynamics of love and those who are deeply affected by it. From those who love to love and those who are losing hope of finding true love. It’s quite emotional and honest

Domi Dusk – “Kurapika”


UK emcee Domi Dusk‘s “Kurapika” is a nice afrowave infused jam that displays his stylish lyricism and mellow demeanor.



Phace – “Humanity”


Phace‘s new release “Humanity” is a collaboration with NJ-based clothing line Growth. The track is a moody and reflective piece that makes use of insightful lyrics and emotion-laden performances.



King Zo – “Feel it in the Air”


Indie rapper King Zo makes use of the classic “Feel it in the Air” sample to share his own journey as an artist and young black man finding his footing in this crazy world.



Elijah Free – “IAS”


Elijah Free’s “IAS” is a self-deprecating and insightful piece about not being true when it comes to love. Over a mellow and sparse backdrop, the rapper runs through his experiences with the female sex and the unscrupulous things he did just to get his way. The track sees him showing regret and being apologetic for his past ways.



ZHNARE – “Crackhead Love”


ZHNARE‘s “Crackhead Love” is a candid reflective track that dives into addictive relationships and the toxic effects of two people who don’t belong with each other. The production here is soulful and nostalgic and the raps are quite detailed and honest as well.


Milc + Andy Savoie – “Turn Pike”



Milc + Andy Savoie takes us deep into their world on the introductory track titled “Turn Pike” Over a somber and nostalgia-inducing backdrop, listeners get a whiff of what the duo is cooking and its dope from start to finish.
It’s taken from the duo’s debut album, Windbreaker.


Ronald Mkiza – “For A While”


Denmark-based rapper Ronald Mkiza sets the stage on its upbeat anthemic track titled “For A While” He delivers a reflective and soul-searching performance ripe with personal experiences and his journey through this cesspool called life.




Sugar James – “Just Me”


“Just Me” is a profound and self-reflective tune by Sugar James who digs deep into his own creative process.


JackyBoyD – “My Own Way”


Kenyan-born, US-based rapper JackyBoyD shares a new single “My Own Way” a soulful and reflective tune that sees him going back to where he came from and his journey from Nairobi to North America.


HarveyDent – “Screw Face”


HarveyDent shares their 3rd single “Screw Face” which is a pure display of lyrical prowess from both emcees as they deliver back-to-back bars with no breaks. The track is lifted from their forthcoming LP Highlight Room which is available April 22nd/2022.


S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) & B.Positiv – “Wallflwr’s Anthm”


“Wallflwr’s Anthm” is a heartfelt and reflective tune by S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) & B.Positiv. Over a mellow jazz-infused soundscape, the emcees detail the tale of awkward social situations with people of different backgrounds and character traits.


Master-O – “Sunrise Alt”


Master-O delivers this laidback feel-good single titled “Sunrise Alt” on our playlist. He makes use of a summery and solemn backdrop for his insightful lyrics that implore us to always keep the faith and find the light at the end of the tunnel.


FredoThaGawd x sblmnl x IntricateTheAlmighty – “OSRNS” (feat. Knoyze, SBLMNL & IntricateTheAlmighty)


“OSRNS” is a hard-hitting verbal onslaught from FredoThaGawd , sblmnl, and IntricateTheAlmighty. Backed by a punchy cinematic soundscape, the emcees proceed to decimate the microphone with edgy lyricism and flow to boot.


Emani Talitha – “Run out of Time”


Emerging singer Emani Talitha shares a new single “Run out of Time” which showcases her soothing vocal style and evocative songwriting. Over a mellow and lush backdrop, she details the emotions that come with falling too hard for someone and the fear of things going awry.


uruwashi – “Gold”


uruwashi delivers pure “Gold” which sees him teaming with a singer who brings a sultry and alluring vibe to the forefront. Over lush keys, dreamy soundscape, and groovy drum grooves, the duo produces soul-stirring magic.


Kevin Nova – “PROFIT”


Emerging emcee Kevin Nova got his eyes on the price with this hard-hitting anthemic single titled “PROFIT.” Backed by a cinematic backdrop, he takes us down memory lane when he was broke and working his way up but he hit a fork in the road and decided to do the right thing by investing in his music and hasn’t looked back since. Overall, the record is a seamless blend of bravado, personal tales laced with cautionary elements as well.


Jill Valentyne – “Don’t Lose Your Shit” (feat. Dariah Flame)


Phoenix, AZ-based singer/songwriter, JILL VALENTYNE teams up with Dariah Flame for this smooth guitar-laden track titled “Don’t Lose Your Shit” which dives into keeping one’s composure despite the pressures and craziness around. It’s heartfelt, insightful, and uplifting all at once. This is the first single from her upcoming EP.


Elijah Free – “Thug Rose”


Indie rapper Elijah Free delivers some personal tales laced with a bravado demeanor on his new release “Thug Rose.” Over a soulful and anthemic backdrop, he draws us in with his detailed lyrics and a vibrant flow which is peppered by his go-getter mentality.


Noa James x Stevie Crooks – “Atlas”


“Atlas” is a mid-tempo dark track provided by the duo of Noa James and Stevie Crooks. The result is a pure display of vivid lyricism, expressive performance, and stylish wordplay to match.


Dust Raps the Blues – “I’m Alive” Featuring Mac Lethal

Dust Raps the Blues and Mac Lethal deliver hard-hitting verbal body blows on their new collaboration titled “I’m Alive.” Backed by a rousing rock guitar-laden backdrop, listeners are thrilled by the duo’s verbal prowess ripe with witty and off-kilter wordplay.


Muo Duo – “Music Machine”


Duo Muo Duo team up with Mick Jenkins for this eclectic tune titled “Music Machine.” A blend of jazz, pop with soul/hip-hop vibes. The keys, horns, punchy drums are peppered by Jenkins’ unique lyricism and the duo’s layered melodies. The serene musical experience is powered by the supreme mastering of three times Grammy-winning engineer Will Borza.


Lachytee – “What I Need”

Lachytee’s “What I Need” is a reflective tune that dives into the dynamics of love, self-doubt, and perseverance. Over a somber backdrop, the emcee pours his emotions on wax and draws us in with evocative lyrics that show honesty and sincerity


Bckgmn – “BCKGMN”


Bckgmn (Be Confident Keep Grinding Make Noise) is a Florida hip-hop duo who caught our attention with their eponymous single “BCKGMN.” Backed by a cinematic and punchy backdrop, the duo introduces listeners to their unique versatile style and uplifting feel-good raps inspired by Men In Black agents. “BCKGMN” is taken from their album Boarding Pass.


Nashon9K – “Lonestar Riverpunk2”


“Lonestar Riverpunk2” is a reflective and somewhat dense track from Nashon9K, an emerging emcee. Backed by a soulful and moody backdrop, he takes listeners deep into his life and the trials he had to face from day today.


Kid Abstrakt x Nu Vintage – “Dig This”


Kid Abstrakt and Nu Vintage team up for this feel-good jazz-infused record titled “Dig This.” It’s pure vibes as the emcees come through with smooth lyrics laced with insight and bravado.




Providence, RI born and raised Emcee/Producer WOLFMAN JECKYLL closes out the list with this dark and hard-hitting tune titled “h@Yw!Re” As the title suggests, it’s a display of off-kilter raps and vivid lyricism that rap lovers can appreciate.

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