Lil Brick was sharing the outro to his debut EP with us the last time we checked in with him. This time, it is the intro into the body of work which he called “Road To Ouroboros”. the intro itself is called ‘Energy’ and that might just be Lil Brick’s way of feeling up the energy as he introduces you to his mind.

Lil Brick is a rising Indian American rapper based in the Midwest United States. After releasing his debut single, ‘Thinking Twice’, in February 2020, Brick followed with his heartfelt second single, ‘Memory Lane’, just over a month later. Fresh off the launch of his debut EP, Brick now has his eyes set on creating a successful debut album, titled “Ouroboros”, for which the EP is a teaser.

Stream the song also on Apple Music and do well to follow the man himself either on Twitter or Instagram.

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