I know alot of you readers are fans of Madlib, and to show the Beat Konducta some appreciation, Larry Gus (a psychadelic producer/beat maker from Greece) has put together a selection of beats that were created by Mr. Jackson and decided to share them with you for your listening pleasure. He speaks about how all of this came to be and how big of an inspiration Madlib is to him musically on Passion Of The Weiss

“All those years, there is nothing that I find more enjoyable to listen to than endless playlists of Madlib beats. I spent too much time online (and offline) trying to find all those rare beat tapes that somehow evoke the same feeling when reading (Raymond) Queneau. Everything is referenced vertically, simultaneously, as if all parallel universes make themselves known in the run of those tracks, in a way that would even make (Jorges Luis) Borges feel weird.” 

Stream The Blue Flowers mix above!

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