Larry Coleman 2020 returns with two tracks  “The Real Me 2” and “Blind Side” which showcases the indie rapper’s distinct styles.

“The Real Me 2” is a remix of his previously released song and sees him working with Mark Battles and Joon Jukx. The track has a West Coast bounce with a pulsating bassline and the rappers sure deliver the goods as they show us what true rap is.

“The Real Me 2” is the lead single from his new album, Hunger Games Part One.

The second track titled “Blind Side” is a dark moody tune that sees Larry crafting a vivid story that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish. Bolstered by the menacing and ominous backdrop by HulliOnTheBeat,

is a story from the B side of the cassette tape. This dark and daunting instrumental boasts of classic boom-bap sound only created in Iceland: By the one and only HulliOnTheBeat, he and Minister Julius take us deep into the dark side of the streets.

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