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Dub Sonata – “Radio Rebelde”.

Prolific producer Dub Sonata delivers “Radio Rebelde” which is the lead single from his forthcoming EP, Nights In Cuba Revisited. The track is quite scenic and employs a myriad of sounds that give off that city life vibe of Cuba with a retro aesthetic.


Injijo x saaaz – “need”



Injijo and saaaz deliver this sublime piece titled “need”. The vocal sample-driven piece is as soulful and sombre as they come. The sampling technique is simple and effective and punchy drums go together like white on rice.

Seneca B – “Fifteen”


Producer and beatmaker Seneca B return to the forefront with his new single “Fifteen.” The track is the California-based artist’s first with Nettwerk, and it sure sets the tone with its warm textures, sombre piano riffs and dreamy vocal synths.



Walt Dolla – “Headed Higher”


Detroit Michigan-based producer Walt Dolla aims to take us on an epic audio trip in his latest release titled  “Headed Higher”. He makes use of the classic sample, hip-hop lovers would recognize and he flips it in his own unique way with snapping drums and pitch-down techniques and even gets some extra vocal samples into the mix.







deliBass – “Celestial Blaze”

“Celestial Blaze” by deliBass is a dreamy and atmospheric record that sets the tone for a relaxing and comforting vibe. The bassline is dynamic and the progression sure is engaging as the beat transitions into interesting parts with ear-grabbing pads and soothing layered sounds.


EM96 – “Stay Brave”

Swedish producer EM96 implores us to “Stay Brave” in his new release. The track is uplifting and relaxing with its lush horns, warm textures and smooth grooves.



The Last Nation – “Glow Up”

The Last Nation caught our ears with “Glow Up”,a mellow lofi track that is both reflective and somewhat uplifting.  The fusion of the soft piano riffs and sublime guitar plucks is brilliant and the pulsating bassline also adds a solid oomph to it.


Houis – “Feels Like”.


NY-based French producer Houis returns with “Feels Like” and it was only right we share it. The track is groovy, warm and has a nostalgic aesthetic that is pleasing and comforting. The bassline is dynamic and works well with the dreamy synths and pads.


CaliCronk – “Dreaming”

CaliCronk and instant era team up for “Dreaming”, a melancholic piano-driven track that taps into the deepest emotions. The mellow progressions and breakdown sure makes it quite engaging and dynamic.


Aokelly & BrandonLee Cierley – “Big Nice”

Aokelly and BrandonLee Cierley team up for “Big Nice”, a smooth jaxx-infused lofi jam that is comforting as the summer breeze. The use of woozy sound designs, lush strings and layered horns over the snapping drum grooves is brilliant.


Tokoname x Starburst Records – “Night Shift”


Producer Tokoname and Starburst Records take us on the “Night Shift” and it’s thrilling to the core. The guitars are lush and soothing and the warm basslines are bolstered by the sublime textures and head nodding grooves.

Rusticdoodles – “Drifting Dreams”

Rusticdoodles delivers this soul-stirring piece titled “Drifting Dreams” which is as blissful as they come. The soft pads and sublime progressions are alluring and soothing all the way.


Ol’ Burger Beats – “Hideaway”.

Ol’ Burger Beats returns to our playlist with “Hideaway”, a smooth lofi-jazz-infused track made up of dusty horn passes, sublime pads and a crunchy drum groove to boot.



OuroborosDog x VaChiee – “Passage Of The Mist”

OuroborosDog and VaChiee take us through the “Passage Of The Mist”. This track has a mystical and sublime feel with its airy arrangement, atmospheric plucks and pads.


MonoCulture – “From a distance”

MonoCulture thrills us with “From a distance”, a mellow and sublime track that has a blend of summer aesthetics and the dynamics are quite vibrant as well.


NNIK – “cozy afternoon”

German producer NNIK shows us what a “cozy afternoon” feels like in his new release. The laidback record is bolstered by warm and sublime pads, soothing textures and a comforting airy synth that takes listeners to a happy place.


CaliCronk – “Eyes Shut”

Prolific instrumentalist CaliCronk comes through with this relaxing and blissful piece titled “Eyes Shut”. Built on sombre piano progressions, atmospheric pads and soft drum grooves, the track sure gives listeners a soothing and comforting feeling.

Uto Paradise – “Los Ángeles”.

Zurich-based instrumental trio Uto Paradise takes us to sunny “Los Ángeles” in their new release. The guitar-driven piece is as sublime as they come and delivers a soul-stirring feeling of the warmness of the summer.

Arrowbear – “Aurora”

Arrowbear thrills us with his new release “Aurora”, a smooth fusion of jazz/hiphop with a touch of blues. The lush keys, overall warm textures, rich electric guitars and headnodding drums all blend together like they were made for each other.

Raw Stiles – “Twin Magnums”

Raw Stiles help close out the list with “Twin Magnums”, a cinematic piece that is dark and moody from start to finish. From the sombre keys and thick drums to the subtle vocal samples, listeners will surely enjoy this one. Having fun on the sampler, probably suitable for late-night cruising. Scarface and Bukowski make guest appearances.

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