Emerging artist Kurst make this entry on our site with two singles “Tunnel Vision” and “Slasher”

The first song “Tunnel Vision”  is an anthem for the go-getters who work tirelessly to achieve their dreams regardless of their detractors. Over an urgent and cinematic soundscape, Kurst gets into his element and shows us how his humble beginnings made him want to hustle harder. From growing up in a broken home to surviving hard times and being almost derailed by naysayers, Kurst implores us to listen to our inner voice and gut feeling and not allow external forces to control our destiny.

The second track “Slasher” is themed around different classic horror flicks we all love. Over a dark and eerie soundscape, the rapper makes references to films from The Shining, Hell Raiser, Exorcist, Friday The 13th and more. It’s quite entertaining and well crafted.

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