The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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J4YY-B – “C4 “(feat. T-Lu)

J4YY-B  is ready to blow up like “C4 ” in his new single. The track sees him teaming with T-Lu for a brilliant insightful track that dives into the life and its unpredictability of it. up and down.





Fayn x DJ D Maye x Angel Vernice – “Draped Up”


Fayn, DJ D Maye and Angel Vernice got us riled up with this celebratory track titled “Draped Up”. Over the lush and anthemic soundscape made up of lush textures, airy horn stabs and punchy drum grooves, Fayn gets into the zone with edgy lyrics while Angel Vernice and D Maye add their soothing melodic runs to pepper the track.



Kurst – “Knick Knack”

Kurst gets back in the forefront with “Knick Knack”, a dark moody track that displays his fiery raps with distinct cadences. He doesn’t stop for anyone and delivers an engaging performance that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.



DJB x Pair-A-Dyce x Chrit x White Collar Rhymes – “Smoke Signals”

DJB, Pair-A-Dyce ,Chrit and White Collar Rhymes take it back to the good old golden era of rap with “Smoke Signals”. Bolstered by gritty and punchy beats spliced with excellent DJ scratches, the emcees deliver pure graphic lyricism.



Uncle TreY – “Petty God” (feat. PRKR Knows Best)

Uncle TreY teams up with PRKR Knows Best team up for “Petty God”, a hard-hitting jam that is ripe with vivid lyricism laced with energetic melodic passes and bravado raps to boot. The duo sure complement each other with their stylish and distinct styles.



Lloyd John – “Move On”

Lloyd John delivers a relatable and heartfelt tale in his new single titled “Move On”. The track is built on a pop-infused summer-tinged backdrop and sees the rapper sharing a tale of an individual coming to terms with the cards life dealt him. The overall productio sure is dynamic and switches up a sit progresses and we get to hear John’s animated and vibrant flow.



Skuzii – “Know Your Worth”

Skuzii is in his element in his new release titled “Know Your Worth” which sees him pouring adulation on the ladies who are tired of the same silly games men play. Skuzii reminds the ladies that he is not like the other men they deal with and he goes above and beyond to show them, true love.


Not3s – “Naked”

UK artist Not3s taps into the loving spirit in his new release “Naked”, a bouncy afro-fusion tune that sees him delivering sublime melodic runs and candid lyrics. He pours his heart on wax and pours adulation on the lady that caught his eye and breaks down what he will be doing with her, after all, is said and done.


Voss Rollins – “god”

Emerging rapper Voss Rollins reflects on the true meaning of life in “god”. The track has a laidback and sublime soundscape that matches his fiery rap flows and unfiltered lyrics.


Chizabam – “Shame”

Chizabam gets candid in his new single “Shame” which derides the current state of society at large. From the over-glorification of street life, disregard for elders and senseless killings, Chizabam holds nothing back in addressing these issues.





GREAT ADAMZ brings something refreshing in his new single titled “FOR YOU”. The track is a smooth midtempo love ballad ripe with sultry melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics that celebrates love and happiness.




V Knuckles x Tom Siletto – “Daylight” prod. by Phoniks Beats


V Knuckles teams up with vocalist Tom Siletto for this heartfelt track titled “Daylight”. Backed by the punchy and soulful soundscape provided by Phoniks Beats, V Knuckles pens heartfelt adulation-filled verses for his fiancé and reminds her that she is the center of his universe.


Kaveman Brown – “Dancing In the Moonlight” (feat. Bigg Happ)

Kaveman Brown’s newest release “Dancing In the Moonlight” is a soulful and reflective tune that sees him detailing his love life and the ups and downs that came with it. He acknowledges his flaws and the wrong he did to his ex and wishes things were different. He is joined by vocalist Bigg Happ who helps cement the nostalgic vibe with his soothing hook.



Cam Be x Neak – “Tonight”

Cam Be teams up with Neak for “Tonight”, a chilled soul/funk tune that is ripe with head-nodding grooves and heartfelt songwriting. The production has a live feel and the artists blend smooth melodic runs with a solid verse from Neak.



Pavy – “London House (Live)”

Pavy shares the live version of his song “London House (Live)” and it is quite brilliant. Backed by a soul/funk band who craft warm and solemn backdrops for Pavy to paint a vivid picture.



Journey Montana – “Bad Decisions”


emerging singer/songwriter Journey Montana takes the high road in “Bad Decisions”, a chilled track that explores a cheating partner who is unfaithful. Journey embodies the spirit of a woman who is fed up and ready to do what she needs to do for her own welfare. Armed with her sultry and honeyed vocal runs, she details how she moved on from her past situation and is on to better things.





Dre A.M.‘s “SPARK PLUG” is a hard-hitting masterclass in verbal jousting. he makes use of a moody and sparsely arranged backdrop to deliver a plethora of off-kilter bars laced with vivid imagery and wordplay.

Pale Male x Rydell – “Friends Like Mine”

Producer Pale Male and vocalist Rydell team up for “Friends Like Mine”, a smooth jazz/r&b infused collaboration that showcases both their versatility in the same breath. The production is crisp, groovy and warm while Rydell’s honeyed vocals float seamlessly over the backdrop.

Valed – “Papers”

Valed‘s “Papers” is the 4th song on his mixtape DUMPSTERFIRE, and it’s a reflective tune that explores an artist’s obsession with writing music and how it leads to isolation. It also compares it to being addicted to drugs and how both things can affect the individual involved in similar ways.

J(X), Li Wrecca – “The Exodus”

J(X) and Li Wrecca team up for “The Exodus”, a rugged hard-hitting track that showcases pure lyricism in an unfiltered form. The backdrop is moody and cinematic and sticks to the bravado theme that lovers of hip-hop would revel in.

Frank Dennis – “West”

Canadian rapper Frank Dennis goes “West” in his new release. The lyric-dense tune showcases his vivid lyricism and off-kilter rhyme schemes over a sombre backdrop.

saüd – “Believing In Me” (feat. King Los)

Emerging producer saüd and King Los team up for “Believing In Me”, a motivational tune that aims to give listeners the much-needed morale booster with heartfelt and unapologetic lyrics.

Jxlz – “Mistah F.U.P.M.”

Jxlz embodies the spirit of “Mistah F.U.P.M.”, a man who is all about his bag. Over a playful and chilled backdrop, he takes us through his transformation from a young boy to a man who is taking steps to achieve his goals at all costs.

Ashton Blaze x Trav Da Assasin – “100s”

Ashton Blaze and Trav Da Assasin team up for “100s”, a dark cinematic track that explores the duo’s go-getter mentality. No brakes are applied or shorts taken as they run through the proverbial red lights and opposition.

FoePound McGinnis x Half Blue – “Lawless Heaven”

FoePound McGinnis teams up with Half Blue for an insightful piece titled “Lawless Heaven”. Backed by the dreamy and jazzy soundscape, the emcee pours his candid thoughts on wax.

Beat$byladi – “Pieces”

Producer/rapper Beat$byladi picks up the “Pieces” in his new single. Over a bouncy trap backdrop laced with moody textures, the rapper delivers an animated performance ripe with introspective lyrics.

NappyHigh x Memnoc – “Feel You”

NappyHigh and producer Memnoc team up for this soothing piece titled “Feel You”. The track features Maggie Kiing and west coast singer Kay Franklin who deliver sultry melodic performances over the 90s-inspired r&b soundscape laid before them.

Tonedeff – “Waiting”

Tonedeff makes a grand entrance on our site with “Waiting”, a dark moody piece that explores the dynamics of self-doubt and the effects of depression and anxiety. Over Maulskull’s cinematic backdrop, the emcee runs through his battle with inner demons and how he overcame them with dogged perseverance and an unbreakable spirit.
This song is taken from Tonedeff’s new anthology, Cold.Killed.Collected.2 (2011-2022) which spans a decade of collaborations, remixes and 4 new songs.

littleuniverses – “Woman”

Emerging singer/songwriter littleuniverses help close out this week’s list with her new single “Woman”. The record has an alternative and experimental atmosphere and expressive vocal runs. The track is an ode to the feminine mystique and sensuality and how it should be celebrated and details her own struggles as a woman in a patriarchal society. “Woman” is the 2nd song on my upcoming debut album.

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