Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based rapper JOEgoDIE caught our attention with his new single titled “Gray”. The track is as sombre and melancholic as they come and it is actually inspired by tragedy. He wrote the song a day after his house caught fire which killed both his cat and dog. Bolstered by the solemn and lethargic soundscape, JOEgoDIE pours his heart out and with each line, listeners can feel the pain and emotional turmoil brewing in his mind. Lines like  “A double barrel shotgun posted by my side/ I finna pull a Cobain and blow out my mind/ R-I-P and all I see is black/ If I D-I-E, I be like P, relax” vividly show how dark of a place he is in now.

“Gray” serves as a form of therapy for the rapper as he slowly recuperates from the loss and we do hope to hear more from him in the nearest future.

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