The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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J(X), Mongrel From 91′ – “Rockstar (feat. Mongrel From 91′)”

J(X) and Mongrel From 91′ team up for “Rockstar “, a hard-hitting tune that really caught our attention. Over a menacing backdrop made up of dark moody synths, pulsating basslines and thick drum grooves, the duo delivers an engaging performance ripe with a blend of bravado and introspective bars that dwell on the dynamic of fame, money and keeping one’s sanity.




SIVH – “Shimmy (A Dance 4 Luv)”

SIVH gives us a splendid blend of r&b/pop and funky vibes with his new release “Shimmy (A Dance 4 Luv)”. The track is groovy and has a catchy melody that plays off retro dance-infused r&b tracks.


Tae’Kirv x Anastasia Antoinette – “Black Love”


Emerging artists Tae’Kirv and Anastasia Antoinette show us what “Black Love” really feels like. The soulful and reflective tune details the dynamics of being black in America and the peculiar struggles we face daily.

Siddartha – “Tried”


Toronto ON-based Indo-Canadian artist/producer Siddartha caught our ears with his new release titled “Tried” which sees him separating the real friends from the fake. Bolstered by a punchy and sombre texture, he delivers his verses with much gusto and details his own struggles as he tries to find his way through an unpredictable world.



Dyna Edyne – “P’s & Q’s”

Singer/songwriter Dyna Edyne is back on her “P’s & Q’s”. The new release is a sublime and solemn record that is primed for the cold winter. It is soulfully warm and somewhat nostalgic as Dyna delivers a soul-stirring performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics.








Indie underground emcee  SHOWTIME RAMON us back with “Hybrid”, a moody and menacing track that reminds us of his off-kilter style. Bolstered by the eerie and punchy boom-bap soundscape, the rapper takes us deep into the dark crevices of his mind and shows us all the weird events and much more.



Dave Velk – “Reflections”

Self-proclaimed sensitive rapper Dave Velk shares his deepest thoughts in his new release “Reflections”. Over a mellow lo-fi soundscape, Dave weaves a tale of a broken young man trying to find his footing in an unforgiving world. He is surrounded by flawed parents, and broken environments but he still has to find a way to push on.



NEHA – “Better Watch What You Say”

East Coast rapper NEHA makes her entry on our site with “Better Watch What You Say”, a vibrant anthemic tune that showcases her stylish flow and unfiltered rap. Over the punchy and bass-heavy soundscape, she delivers her raps in a silky sultry manner and raises the ante on the chorus with memorable lines and her unapologetic demeanour.


Ed Addo – “How wonderful”

UK-based artist Ed Addo shows us “How wonderful” the world can be if we appreciate the little things. Over a soulful and summer-tinged backdrop made up of lush guitar licks and warm textures, Ed reflects on all the good things that can come with a positive attitude and focus on making the changes we want to see.





Burnie Amsterdam x Jizzy Blanco x Slim, Ice Berg – “Lendale”

Memphis producer Burnie Amsterdam teams up with emcees Jizzy Blanco, Slim and Ice Berg for “Lendale”. The track is a smooth drumless jazz-sample-driven track that is underpinned by vivid lyricism by the trio.
The single is taken from Burnie’s compilation titled Uncle Burnie, Vol. 1.



Black Astronaut Records – Atomic”

Black Astronaut Records drop the proverbial “Atomic”, a funk-infused jam that blends retro elements with modern-day pop and rap. The backdrop sure is punchy and the performance is stylish as he blends subtle melodic elements with vivid bravado-driven raps.



Kurst – “Dont Trust Em”

Kurst shares with us this insightful and reflective tune titled “Don’t Trust Em”. The dark and moody tune sees him weeding out the fake friends who are no longer trying to build with him. He is quite unapologetic and states his mind as it is with no filter.




T.Kingstone – “No Hope No Glory”


UK emcee T.Kingstone drops new single “No Hope No Glory” which sees him reflecting on life as it is and the hustle he has to face. Over a moody and punchy backdrop, he reminds us that the daily struggle never ends and the best way is to push through with self-perseverance and determination.


Stephen Hero – “Jeez”

Canadian rapper/producer Stephen Hero teams up with Uncle Fester for this new brilliant release titled “Jeez”. Over a smooth and calm soundscape, the emcee delivers a plethora of stylish bars with an unassuming flow to boot.







Been Dope – “Determined”


New Orleans-based rapper Been Dope is “Determined” to make it in life. Bolstered by a soulful jazzy soundscape made of low tones, horns and punchy drum, the emerging rapper gets down to business as he clears out the detractors and naysayers


Luke Julien – “Top Dawg”

Luke Julien is the Next best rapper coming out of New Orleans and he proves it in his new single “Top Dawg”. The track has a gloomy string and punchy drums that blend with Luke’s fiery machine gun cadence and braggadocio-filled lyrics that remind listeners that he is not one to toy with as he got next.


Pierre – “All This Rain”

Indie rapper/producer Pierre caught our ears with his latest record titled “All This Rain”. The jazz/r&b infused track sees him detailing a first date with his girl and it starts to rain which changed up their plans for the better.



Exile(CA) – “Goodbye for Now”


Canadian trio Exile(CA) pay respects to someone close to them who transitioned recently in this heartfelt and reflective tune titled “Goodbye for Now”. Backed by a punchy drum groove and sombre textures, the artist pen a moving letter to the memory of their dear friend. Exile is a hip-hop group from Quesnel, BC, CA. The team consists of Ryan Knutson (Explicit), Paul Heinzelman (Ill Logik), and Janelle Stoker.


Kelly Swank – “Waking Up”


Northern Virginia-based rapper Kelly Swank pours out his candid thoughts for us to vibe to in his newest release “Waking Up”. Over a sombre and groovy backdrop, the emcee delivers a flurry of bars laced with bravado and some introspection to boot.



SV x Kevon Scott x Alyssa Jane – “Chill N’ Vibe”


Producer SV, Saxophonist Kevon Scott and singer/songwriter Alyssa Jane team up for “Chill N’ Vibe”, a smooth lofi/soul jam that is ripe with lush textures and alluring melodic runs. Over SV’s warm production and Kevon’s heavenly Sax, Alyssa takes our soul away with her sultry and hypnotic melodic runs.


MAG Niffy – “Test Your Luck”

MAG Niffy‘s new release “Test Your Luck” is an insightful and reflective track that explores the dynamics of being true to oneself and avoiding going with the trend. The backdrop is smooth and blends r&b elements while MAG’s lyrics are nuanced and entertaining as well.


Dalla Villa – “Night Thoughts”

NY-based rapper Dalla Villa thrills us with his style of lyrical prowess in his new release “Night Thoughts”. Backed by a playful and chilled backdrop, he delivers animated bars with unapologetic and vivid lyrics, quite engaging and entertaining.


Dark Matter Militia -” Feng Sui”


New hiphop group Dark Matter Militia make their entrance on our list with their new single “Feng Sui”, a chilled uplifting tune that blends meditation, spirituality and the concept of being at peace. Over a sublime and soothing soundscape, the rappers share their unique ways of finding their natural balance.


The Black Buddhist – “Samurai Raps”


The Black Buddhist take us down Samurai history with the vivid and engaging single “Samurai Raps”. He starts off with the legendary Toyotomi and Tokugawa clans who reigned supreme in feudal Japan. Over a sparse Japanese flute-infused soundscape, The Black Buddhist breaks down the progression of these clans in an easy-to-follow manner.


Emily Chambers x Stoop Kids – “Cicadas”


Eclectic singer/songwriter Emily Chambers teams up with Stoop Kids for this new single “Cicadas”. The warm groovy tune is ripe with lilting vocal runs and alluring melodic phrases that really draw listeners in. The track details how the thoughts of an ex-lover linger on even though time has passed. The record is sure to give you the late-night-introspective-drive vibes you didn’t even know you were looking for. This is the first single of her first full-length album produced by Griffin Dean.



LoudChief x Samil – “Franchise Player (Jayson Tatum)” [feat. Willie The Kid]


The duo LoudChief and Samil deliver a new single “Franchise Player (Jayson Tatum)” from their forthcoming EP. The cinematic track is made up of menacing texture and rumbling drum breaks peppered by graphic and off-kilter lyrics from LoudChief and Willie The Kid. The single is off the upcoming EP “5 Piece & A Biscuit: Everything On Everything which comes out February 10th
Get the single on all here and pre-order the EP here.



Manco Wilder x Eddie Kaine – “Phantoms”

The duo of Manco Wilder and Eddie Kaine thrill our eardrums with “Phantoms”, a moody track that showcases vivid storytelling and vivid lyrics underpinned by an eerie and moody soundscape. The track is taken from Manco Wilder’s new album, The Phantom of The Corner Store.




Otis Fonde – “Walked In”


Indie rapper Otis Fonde closes out this week’s list with “Walked In”, a hard-hitting anthemic tune that cements his status. AArmed with his distinct and stylish flow, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with braggadocio and no holds lyrics aimed at the detractors and naysayers.

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