Tampa Bay Florida-based Hip-hop collective Krime Fyter (aka KF) is a group made up of emcees, vocalists, producers, sound engineers and DJs with even a member based out in Europe, Norway to be precise. With 8 members who contribute their distinct talents to the group, listeners are given a potpourri of musical styles with different backgrounds and an overall dynamic energy that stands out from the rest. 

Their latest release titled “Written in Stone” is a cinematic and soul-stirring piece that is made up of a cinematic backdrop and sees each emcee detailing their daily struggles and ultimately the blessings they have received that have kept them on the way to success. The verses are tied up by a rousing rock-infused hook that is ripe with heartfelt and insightful lyrics plus a highly melodic aesthetic as well.

Another trademark of the collective is the self-made LED masks that some of the member’s sport. Recently, KF has reorganized (which they like to call “KF 3.0”) and started to carve out a niche in the Web 3.0 space. A couple of the members (Cryptodamus and Stocks 525i) of KF have come together and founded a project called KF Labz. The KF Labz project will be using new blockchain technologies to facilitate their artists to build a presence in the Web 3.0 space. For more information visit: linktr.ee/kflabz Their love for 80’s movies, music, pop culture, superheroes, villains, and most importantly, Hip Hop and Electronic music, from all eras, is the common thread that artistically binds the members of KF together. By no means can KF be pigeonholed or be placed in a stylistic straightjacket, nor content with imitating artists from the golden age of Hip Hop or completely pandering to trendy forms of rap music (nor ignoring it).


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