I heard Kid Vishis many years ago on a diss joint with his older brother Royce Da 5’9″ but, at the time, he didn’t really strike a chord to me. Anyways some good peeps hit us up with some gems from the man and I must say, he is definitely somewhat to watch (or should I say listen to?). The song in question, ‘Look At All My $**t’, is a profound/satirical look at all the glitz, flash and flare we see and hear in rap. A well executed concept plus the energetic vibe keeps the listener engaged all the way.

Just so you know Kid Vishis has an album in the works called Timing Is Everything. This project is set to drop on the 22nd of July 2014. Do not sleep on this cat like I did.

The new album is the product of years of hard work and dedication to his craft, a landmark release which fully announces his arrival. This is a showcase of Kid Vishis at his best, a highly skilled and experienced Emcee with the authority to hold down the album in his own right. Only on “Coward” is he joined by the album’s sole guest artist Royce da 5 9

Coast to coast, the album is represented in the production. Now based in Sacramento, Australian Chase Moore of Hippie Sabotage has once again provided the quality prevalent in his previous work with Raekwon, Rock (Heltah Skeltah), Mistah FAB and Papoose. New Jersey’s Nemisis (Tony Touch, Copywrite, Outerspace, Emilio Rojas) brings his trademark style to the table on “In Yo Face” and the single “Heaven” while Toronto is represented by Nick Zervos’ contribution to the title track.

Back on home territory, Mr Porter (D12 / Shady) gets in on the action by producing “Message to the MC’s” and “The Juice”.

All 4 producers provide the perfect backdrop for Vishis to bring his “A Game”, an unrelenting display of fierce rhyme skills and intelligent wordplay by a lyricist at the top of his form. The combination results in a contemporary classic born of a Golden era.

The inspiration behind the album can be gauged in his description of it as “the beginning of a hip hop takeover” aimed at those “sick of club tracks and the same ol sound goin around, so just press play, enjoy & Sick ‘Em Sonny Jim !!!”

A self confessed boxing fanatic, Kid Vishis gives notice in the appropriately titled “Timing is Everything” that he can go toe to toe with the best in the game, and will be a title contender for years to come.


1) T.I.E. Timing Is Everything Intro (Produced by Nick Zervos)
2) Message To The Mc’s (Produced by Mr Porter)
3) Look At All My Sh!t (Produced by Chase Moore)
4) Beautiful Day (Produced by Chase Moore)
5) Big Brothers (Produced by Chase Moore)
6) Talk Behind My Back (Produced by Chase Moore)
7) The Juice (Produced by Mr Porter)
8) In Yo Face (Produced by Nemisis)
9) Heaven (Produced by Nemisis)
10) Birds Eye View (Produced by Chase Moore)
11) Coward (featuring Royce da 5’9”) (Produced by Chase Moore)

+ special bonus tracks which will be included in retail version

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