UK based producer Scott Xylo is working on a project called 2003 // HeEro Scott and this joint here is his first single. ‘Neo Gotham’ is, as the name suggests, inspired by Bruce Wayne’s home city – specifically the ‘Batman Beyond’ version. Scott laces an ethereal, dreamy soundscape which pays homage the cartoon while the visuals hark back to the days of 8 bit video games, VHS tapes and those cable scrambling images 90s kids grew up on.

Interesting stuff to say the least.

Get the audio HERE.

19yr old Leicester, UK producer Scott Xylo releases his single “Neo Gotham” for his upcoming project “2003 // HeERO Scott” which is set to be released on June 6th.

Neo Gotham is inspired by the neo-noir cartoon Batman Beyond. This record showcases cosmic waves & nostalgic sounds for any fan that rocked with the cartoon series Batman Beyond.

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