Singer Khalil returns with a solid soulful cut titled Be Free. His blend of  retro and new age vibes is really what made me gravitate towards his music and I can definitely say this will appeal to all music lovers out there.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

What is freedom? What is your personal definition of freedom? What makes you free? What defines a woman as free? Art & expression is a manifestation of freedom. A true artist strives to be as free as possible so they can create and express at their highest potential. I just want to be free to love, create, express, experience, and grow. If art (music in my specific expression) was a woman she would be free spirited since she captivates so many at the same time and remains free, beautiful, and organic. Relationships between two beings have to be a joined freedom because love and control are on two different spectrum’s. This is my expression of my wants in terms of my interactions with women,my art and how I deeply want it to be expressed. This is a parallel of all these ideas and notions of freedom that exist in my thought process.

Create and Be Free.

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