It has been a minute since we dropped a beat tape on your lap but here is one from the beatminer known as June Jissle. The New HavenConnecticut resident sets a ten tracker package before to feast on. Interestingly, the project is named Chanel Girls as though its some Calendar girls the beats were made for and I have to say that the beats are somewhat tailored in this direction going by the smoothness and soulful nature of the beats. June Jissle somewhat diversifies the beats but not to typify mainstream sounds or to make it corny either. This is that Sunday afternoon drive type of music so I had to make sure you get it ready for your next Sunday drive.

According to June Jissle:
The project is set around Ant and Chelly in the car looking for an intriguing radio station to listen to on their long ride home but was in great disappointment but then comes across the “Chanel Station” hosted by DJ Mystery Girl.
Throughout the 10 track long project callers call into the station and request certain thing they wanna hear.
Which each track having a different approach listeners will surely be entertain and enjoy the ride as well. 

Check out the tape and make sure you keep tabs on the man June Jissle for more offerings.

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