Massachusetts producer Tonio Sagan teams up with Portland emceeILLmacuLate who verbally dissects the haunting backdrop while Gambia based singer Shanti Starr adds a distinct flavour to the hook. The dark cinematic backdrop laced by Tonio Sagan is pretty dynamic allowing ILLmacuLate to switch gears at certain points in his flow showing intensity and viciousness.

This is solid from start to finish.

Shouts to DJ N.E.B on the scratches, Hugh Currier on the guitars.


“Murderas” is the hypnotizing, gripping new single from Massachusetts producer Tonio Sagan (grandson of the late, great Carl Sagan), who blends bass-fueled Hip-Hop and smoky atmospherics alongside the slick rhymes of battle-rap legend ILLmacuLate (of Ill & Only, Sandpeople).


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