Following his Dave Chappelle video, Phoenix based hip-hop artist, Myrlin, shares with the world his lyrical and visual content for Hometown. Using images relating to issues of class, race, colonialism and all the popular minority issues prevalent in America, Myrlin once again sets the tone for Hometown on a very conscious scale. Interestingly, these same images shows the diversity and the beauty of the people that have held America up and even shaped the society which continues to haunt them.

The video is quite colourful which helps to lighten the mood away from the thought process and conscious state of the video. At the end of this video, I assume we will all be mindful of the present state of our communities and how we can effect certain changes. Hometown is the second single off The Funky Autopsy mixtape so go check that out and get with the materials and projects Myrlin is brewing.


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