A lot of people do get busy behind the drum machines or keyboards and that is why my love for beattapes is second to none as it affords an opportunity to hear the unknown people crafting like you would never expect. Bionic is one of such individuals who sent me his material and wanted me to check it out. I am glad I did else I could have missed out on something phenomenal. Shadows of a Dusty Crate Vol II: Wild Nights and Grimy Days is the title of this project and it is a mix of hip hop and soul elements rolled in one. Interestingly, Bionic is a lawyer by day which only attests to his love for the art as he could do without it. He claims to be one of the few beat makers and producers who is at the forefront of sampling in the Nigerian hip hop landscape and you can hear the soul in his pieces. Bionic  does have his name on a few projects with artists but not till now have I given his material an actual listen which has tuned me in to sample his other projects. Be like me and get on the Bionic train.

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