Multitalented. singer/songwriter Johnny Burgos weaves through our eardrums with the soothing aura of his new soul gripping single titled “Summer Wave.” The record sees Burgos teaming up with producer DevaughnDay DayDenegall to bring this to life with lush atmospheric textures, head-nodding grooves, and layered alluring melodies. that helped usher in the relaxing feeling of the summer breeze. Burgos surely delivers the goods with his sultry earworm harmonies as he details the emotions that come with fleeting love.

The record also has Keenan McRae on guitar who adds a lush touch to the solid joint while rapper Leo Coltrane comes through with a verse filled with adulation and vivid details of an unknown significant other.

Burgos and Coltrane opted to release “Summer Wave” — during the unprecedented times in which we live — with the intention of providing listeners a semblance of better days. He further adds that  ‘Summer Wave’ allows for some much-needed space from the weight of these times, and an opportunity to rejuvenate your soul for another day of pushing towards progress.”

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