Brooklyn raised singer/songwriter Johnny Burgos is a man of many talents and his brand of future soul is as refreshing as the summer breeze. Although his first official release was in 2017, he didn’t drop his debut EP, ‘Love Through It All till the following year. That EP grew legs and put a spotlight on his talents. As we said earlier about having several skills, Burgos also did a lot of co-producing with his longtime friend  DJ Skizz,  the duo would laced solid joints for Hip Hop luminaries such as Mobb Deep and M.O.P amongst others.

His newest release titled “STAY” is a smooth soulful jam that showcases the singer’s production prowess and songwriting skills. Backed by a lush and silky backdrop, he takes the listener through the different phases and emotions relating to break ups and mental stress. Far from being a gloomy tale, Burgos delivers a heartwarming performance that touches the soul.

The visuals were shot by Kevin Pastor (of Untitled Productions) who uses the theme of the song to great effect here. From slow-moving to fast and use of performance focus shots, Pastor brings a gripping sense of urgency and change in mental state from a figurative perspective to the screen. Another thing to note is the set design and costumes that capture what Burgos explains as “the contrasting personalities throughout the story’s evolution, with me embodying each one in a different look and demeanor.

“STAY” is taken from Burgos’s upcoming full-length album, ‘InSight’ which is scheduled for a fall 2020 release. The track also features Keenan McRae on Guitar and Rob Grimaldi on Keys.


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