Boston raised, NYC based Jymmy Kafka and Rilla Force is the new rapper/producer duo who caught our ears with their style of insightful raps and smooth trap backdrops that keep it steeped in modern times. They do have an EP in the works but in the interim, they share 2 cuts for us to vibe to.

The first cut “African Soap” is a solemn beat that also has a bouncy vibe that matches Kafka’s smooth flow and insightful lyrics. The young emcee sure serves an emotional piece on this tune as he pays tribute to his girl and runs down the ups and downs of being in a relationship. It sure shows us a glimpse into his personal life and shows he is not perfect and like everyone else, he is trying to find his footing while navigating this crazy world.

The second track “Occam’s Razor” goes more in-depth into Kafka’s personal space and gives us a vivid account of growing up from his relationship. with his parents to his own growth as a child trying to find the true meaning of life. The backdrop here is solemn too, probably more moody than the first cut and somewhat reflective too.

Both tracks are taken from his new release lil nothin EP, a project produced by producer Rilla Force.


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