John Alex Harper‘s “Teleprompter” is an exploration of lyrical fitness and bravado as we get to see the rapper in his element from start to finish. Backed by Marc Spano‘s head nodding backdrop, John Alex Harper wastes no time in displaying his lack of inhibition with carefree lines like “If it doesn’t make dollars then it won’t make a dick/ Can’t burn the stage down if you don’t pay the rent/Spitting distance from the ground like I’m sitting on the stoop/ Told Span I’m too hungry can I get another loop?

For the video, director Paul Jahn sticks to the devil-may-care theme of the song and delivers a cinematic and performance shot driven video. We get to see John Alex Harper in different spots in the city dressed up like a NASA astronaut.

‘Teleprompter’ is the lead single off of John Alex Harper and Marc Spano’s newest collaborative project Hidden Planet.

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