On tuesday night, Joe Budden made a quick stop in Los Angeles to promote his latest mixtape release, A Loose Quarter. If you haven’t picked up the latest download, you can always go to DatPiff to grab it for free. Despite the speculation that the songs are primarily about his ex Tahiry, you cant deny that it is an awesome tape to cruise around and listen to, which is why most folks nowadays are really tuned in to whatever Joe is either saying on twitter, or talking about in his songs. He’s an open guy… what more can you say?

Along on his tour he brought the legendary R&B crooner Tank, along with Emanny, who is also an R&B singer on the rise.  The ladies in the audience were loving their vocals, even Emanny had to come off the stage to sing to a few ladies in the front row. There was a whole lot of fuckery coming from both Joe & Emanny,.. talking trash about The Weeknd & being unable to finish the first verse to Pump It Up because he was laughing too hard! If you’ve ever been to a Joe Budden show, that’s pretty much what you’re going to expect… all sorts of fuckery! It was an awesome show to check out! Check out the pictures from above!


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