Here’s a some audio shift, “Soulection” has been droppin’ heat for a long minute now, thus releasing this new project… We have an emcee on deck that suits these futuristic sets created by composer “Sango”.. It’s a great listen and a new perception into new type of sound.. We encourage you to slap properly and support!.. KEEP IT SLAPPED UP!! Continue to read for further incite..

This is a FREE RELEASE, but feel free to donate and support Waldo and Soulection. All for the love; quality & conscious music!
Here we are with our 21st release coming at you harder than ever. At this point in time last year we were had just dropped our 5th release. It’s amazing what a full year can do because we have more than tripled our output. This time around we have a very special artist who goes by Waldo. This man hails from Grand Rapids, MI and was undeniably put to our attention by our very own Sango. We remember when Sango first mentioned Waldo to us and told us that this dude was the truth. Of course we took his word, but how many great upcoming MC’s do you really know? It wasn’t until Sango sent us ‘Poison’ and ‘Scars’ that we realized there was someone and something much more than just another MC, another artist, and another release. We knew Waldo was special and that we had to connect our platform to his mind and Sango’s production. Here we are today a few months down the line and happier than ever to be able to provide you one of the illest releases this year. Keep in mind that Waldo is only 20 years old. He has so much potential to evolve into that Man that we hear in him at this very moment. The future is infinite for him. Please enjoy this and spread it to everyone.
“Honestly, Pick Your Own Poison is about finding your lane in life. Whether if the lane you choose to pursue is right or wrong it’s still the poison you chose. It’s also about my life and the poison I chose.”
– Waldo





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