It’s difficult to believe that The Jazz Jousters have been going for a year now, but they have indeed reached that milestone and to celebrate they have, well, released Milestone. In case you don’t know, The Jazz Jousters are an international collective of beatsmiths (see after the jump for the entire list of contributors) born out of the Millenium Jazz movement, who, once a month, collate their respective abilities into a single themed release sample from a specific work of one of the classic jazz artists. So far, we’ve seen Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and many more. Each artist brings their own particular variation of spice, but every track is on point, so congratulations to The Jazz Jousters for serving up the niceness for 365 days – and here’s to many more.

We at Millennium Jazz Music are very happy to announce the one year anniversary of the Jazz Jousters. Together, the collective have been creating some amazing albums at a very impressive work rate since June 2012, and we’re completely happy with their success. So in true Millennium Jazz style, we have taken this opportunity to celebrate the achievement and mark the occasion with a Milestone.

We’d like to give a big THANK YOU for your support over the past year and beyond. Special thanks to all Jazz Jousters contributors… Gadget, Skinnista, DJ Mentos, Jaze Baqti, Bones The Beat Head, Awakening Dawn, SmokedBeat, Es-K, B3NBi, Mr. Moods, Stay Classy, RickMal, Diligent Fingers, FloFilz, Blue Buttonz, Wriggly Scott, Pawcut, The Specialists, DJ B-One, DJ AGee (Rapshack/Itch FM), DJ Mr Lob, Ja:Kova, £ENA, Carminelitta, OJB, Carys Matic, DJ Hellblazer, Koncise, Slim The Chemist, Pigeondust, KNYT, Erik Jackson, Dyversity Beats, DRTY DRDZ, Joe Davies, Beatzspeaks Loud, Slugga T, LeeN, DJ Jonny Jazz, Emma Louise (Seeking Shaler), DJ Bamboo, Organiq Creator, Cheese, Vicky Flint, Nomad, Lady Paradox, Gyspy Eyes, MarLikNun, Aleksander Koziel and DJ Vinyldigger.

[wpsharely]Download Milestone: A Year Of Jazz Jousters: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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