Jeru The Damaja, the man behind jams like ‘Come Clean’, ‘Me Or The Papes’ and the thought provoking ‘Ain’t The Devil Happy’, needs no further introduction. With a classic debut on his hands and a solid follow up, Jeru’s impact on the game is undeniable and we at WIB are thrilled to chat with the legend himself. Enjoy.


1 Its been a few years since your last full length release (Still Rising). Are you working on another project or you are taking the time out to tour extensively?

No, I am currently working on a few projects including a collaboration with Junkyard Juju of The Beatnuts. The name of the group is called the Bully Brothers.


2 How and what inspired you to venture into the drum and bass genre (regarding the collabo with Kabuki etc.)? How is the process like working with such artistes/producers?

Really, music is music so I work with whoever has something I feel like could make a dope record.


3 If the opportunity to record a full length drum n bass album presents itself, is that something you would easily do as a way to push yourself artistically and otherwise?

Of course, a real MC is able to rhyme on anything (good) and create a work of art.


4 Let’s go back a bit, Wrath of the math(a favourite of mine) had some very scathing views on commercialism in hip-hop. How would you describe the stage hip-hop is in now? Is it better or worse?

It better as far as Hip Hop is bigger than it has ever been. My issue is the lack of creativity and the watering down of the ART.


5 You have been collaborating with a lot of more international hip-hop artists than before. Was that a conscious thing for you to musically spread the fan base beyond the states.

Well if you think about it I’ve been doin’ international collaboration since the beginning of my career. I just think that now with the internet people who may have not heard it before are getting a chance to hear and appreciate these collaborations.



6 Name something you consider a mind-altering work of art.

Wow!! Thats a really difficult question there are so many.


7 Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them?

Thats easy!! Curtis Mayfield… and I would serve him souuuuuul fooood.


8 What ís your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing/performing etc?

I love photography. I’m actually working on getting my first exhibition together.


9 Will there ever be a full Jeru project produced by DJ Premier?

You’ll have to wait and see.


10 Last words for the audience tuning in.

Live life , love yourself, and love what  you do.

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