Millennium Jazz Music presents the Operation Six as we celebrate with the Jazz Jousters collective on their 6th anniversary since the group started working together in 2012. OP6 is the first project from the Jousters collective since the release of the Fifth element double vinyl and cassette album for the previous anniversary. 🎧

Although we’ve never taken so long between Jazz Jousters releases the group have never stopped working behind the scenes and we’re very keen to share one or two specials with you, and then continue to wrap up our five part ‘Locations vinyl series’ which started with ‘Locations: USA‘ last year. 🎧

For this years anniversary we once again hope to mark the occasion with a double vinyl album and a limited batch of cassettes for all involved, and of course to share with you all. This time around the vinyl is available to pre-order via Qrates So it’s on y’all. ⏺ Power to ze people!!

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