Long Island-based indie emcee Jaydii and producer Miles Hadley deliver their new collaborative mixtape entitled Funny Storm Vol. 1. The 8 track body of work was preceded by the single “Tippy Toe” which gave listeners something different and uplifting but the entire project is a versatile mix of songs that showcases Jaydii’s off-kilter style.


The mixtape starts with “Imperfect Storm”, a sombre and laidback tract that plays off the title of the mixtape and sees the rapper reflecting on the hard times and how he moves while a cloud is above his head. The track is quite short and gives listeners a short glimpse into the rapper’s imperfect life.  This is followed by the guitar-driven track “Tippy Toe”. The summer-tinged track has a bright texture and an overall feel-good vibe that explores the concept of letting go of our daily worries and savouring each moment and living as we are supposed to do.  In a nutshell, the track is a victory lap of overcoming trauma and the realization that every day is a new day and that life is nothing more than what you make of it, so make the absolute best out of it. “Money Drawer”  sees the duo teaming with Blvff for an upbeat and pop-infused track that explores the fun side of life. The bright production has rich guitar riffs, pulsating bass-driven grooves and a catchy chorus to match. Jaydii talks about the craziness and how he is not phased by it as he is ready to go all out and seize the day, carpe diem style. “Glorious Halftime” is a short song that explores finding one’s true self and being proud of what you do regardless of what others say. The track is bolstered by a sombre piano arrangement with no percussions or grooves allowing Jaydii to be more fluid with the flow and he sure delivers the goods with his rapid flow and heartfelt lyrical style. Overall, the track has an uplifting and aspirational theme that listeners can latch onto. “Solar System” has a dark cinematic aesthetic with its menacing synth brass, dark textures and snapping downtempo trap drums. Jaydii switches up the vibe with more bravado-driven songwriting and he showcases his verbal biceps while exploring the braggadocious side of the hip-hop culture and his own struggles that helped shape him to become who he is today.


“Graze Shot” has a completely different vibe from the rest of the project and it’s made up of hard-hitting drums and somewhat barebones textures and menacing strings. Here, Jaydii embodies his aggressive side and delivers a vibrant and no holds barred performance ripe with bravado raps and a lot of adlibs that enhance the energy levels. This is followed by “Take 5”, another aggressive and experimental track that is made up of rich electric guitar riffs, punchy drum grooves and an overall anthemic feel.  The live element is augmented by Jaydii’s energetic performance and fusion of punk elements into the mix. He doesn’t employ any catchy hooks but rather he is just straight rapping his ass off and he does a solid job at it. The project closes out with “Glorious Halftime Remix” which is a perfect way to go out. Over the pop-infused production made up of dreamy atmospheric pads, dark synths and punchy drum grooves, Jaydii’s vocals stand out with their aggressiveness and edgy tone. It is a far cry from the original version and it sure offers listeners something different to rock to.

Overall, Funny Storm Vol. 1 is an interesting body of work that shows how different styles can mesh together without being too disjointed or all over the place. I like the cohesiveness and somewhat grittiness of the project and hope you do too.


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