Jaydii and Supreme Khay are forging a new path as they release their new EP NAHIMASTAY, a project that blends distinct styles that range from reflective to humorous.

“godiva” starts with a warm and bright texture that is underpinned by soft drum grooves and an overall relaxing aesthetic. Here, Jaydii and Supreme Khay deliver an engaging story about someone who just came into their lives and the dynamics that go into this blossoming relationship. Both pour a lot of adulation on that special someone and reassure her of their faithfulness and dedeication


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The next song “Reese’s pieces” has a sparse and sombre vibe and is made up of an ethereal and sublime soundscape bolstered by punchy drums and sees both Jaydii and Supreme Khay trading distinct and fiery bars tied together by a playful hook on the chorus. The overall feel is chilled and engaging from start to finish.


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“Rear view” is the final song taken from the duo’s six-song EP NAHIMASTAY and it is a laidback and reflective track that talks about their trials and tribulations over the years. The duo dwells on their life journey thus far and gives listeners a glimpse into the ups and downs of life and how they are prepared for what is to come.


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