Jaydii and Supreme Khay shared some singles “sunset blvd pt.2” feat Blvff, “hot soup” and “need a vacation”, all taken from their new EP NAHIMASTAY.

“sunset blvd pt.2” is the first track and serves as the introduction with its playful and feel-good vibe and solid bounce all underpinned by the stylish and expressive performances from the rappers.


The second track “Hot soup” is a guitar-driven vibrant track made up of rich guitar riffs and energetic drum grooves. The track is a smooth showcase of Jaydii and Supreme Khay’s distinct rap styles. The track is not steeped on a particular topic and just sees both rappers having fun with their rhyme schemes.


“Need a vacation” is the lead single taken from the EP NAHIMASTAY and is made up of a Spanish guitar-driven piece ripe with smooth drums and thick basslines. Here, both rappers deliver a vivid rap performance and expressive flow that captures the frustrations of individuals who need to take a break from the never-ending daily grind.


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