Yosuke Azuma reaches out with the video “Will You”. Yosuke is a hip hop producer from the hill country of Japan currently residing in Houston, Texas where he operates his own production studio “Thee Royal Chambers Studio“.

Yosuke Azuma:

This song is about not being afraid to be yourself and being comfortable with who you are inside and out. Hip hop is about freedom of expression, culture and requires the people to stand for something. “Will You” embodies the true meaning of hip hop.


QuadrixDarulla / Vocal, Percussion, Sub bass
Yosuke Azuma / Drums
Lisa Luv / Vocal
Reggie Bonez / Vocal
SkKool / Vocal
H.E.N.R.Y. / Fender Rhodes Piano, Electric Bass
Produced by: Yosuke Azuma
Associate Producer: QuadrixDarulla, H.E.N.R.Y. and Thee Royal Chambers Studio
Production Coordinator: Yosuke Azuma, QuadrixDaRulla
Recorded and Mixed at SugarHill Recording Studio, Houston Texas
Thee Royal Chambers Studio, Houston Texas
Yosuke Azuma / Engineer
Mastered at SugarHill Recording Studio
Chris Longwood / Engineer

Video Shot and Edit by: Avaghys
Artwork by: Tokie Renet
Photo Edited by: Segawa Takekazu

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