Half the time when I’m introduced to any Southern rapper in America, the first thing that comes to mind is trap but I am starting to understand that not every emcee is built like that so pardon the generalisation. Sleepy helps me kill that misconception too by being nice even though this particular track is not the boom bap fit but still comes with the off kilter not trapping but fitting it in with the fast-meets-mellow flow and that soulful but booming chill beat. I think the part where he had something to say lyrically is the most fascinating for me. Shot in multiple bars throughout Okinawa, Japan, Sleepy shows the Okinawa drinking culture in a nutshell with this video depicting how the majority of Japanese people go hard after working long hours without much of a break. Some Other Shit is the first set of visuals to accompany the Alabama hip hop artist’ upcoming project, The Hybrid Chapter 4 after two years from the last project.

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