James Gardin‘s newest release “Most of My Friends Are Stuck on the Internet” sees him blending hip-hop and experimental soul-pop elements that showcase his versatility across the board. He crafts a solemn, mellow backdrop that gives a feeling of someone looking for answers. The song is inspired by true events when Gardin realized that most of us tend to spend more time looking at our phones and less time creating a real connection with other human beings. Gardinn looks at the dynamics of the lack of physical connection that got diminished by the rise of social media and now that we are in the age of this global pandemic, things have even gotten more digital than ever.

Far from preaching or demonizing the technologies that put us in this situation, Gardin just gives his own take on the situation and how he misses the good old days of having real friends around him. Get it on Apple Music and Deezer.


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