Versatile singer/songwriter Jak Lizard teams up with London, UK singer London singer BXRBER on his new song titled “Jenny”. The heartfelt record sees Jak pay homage to his childhood babysitter that helped raised him over a soulful soundscape. The soulful energy of “Jenny” is quite reminiscent of his previous single “Sisters” with Jak delivering an emotional performance that is laced with nostalgia and heartwarming melodies.

“Jenny” is a part of his newest release which is in form of an a-side/b-side release aptly titled 2 Songs About 3 People featuring new music produced by longtime collaborator Itamar Gov-Ari and recent executive producer Ivan Jackson (Brasstracks).

Jak further breaks down the idea behind the release as follows 2 Songs About 3 People is a dedication to not just the aforementioned people but to summer, love, and imagination. Both songs are incredibly personal explorations of the mindsets I was previously in and how those mental states connected to the people closest with me for a time. Whether it’s a babysitter as a child or a love triangle as a teenager, I look back at those times and am so grateful to have had all these moments and characters pass through my life so far… ‘I know it don’t get much better than that’” 


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