Jak Lizard delivers a brilliant mellow single entitled “Sisters” dedicated to the ladies in his life and beyond. Teaming up with vocalist Yoh The Shaolin, the duo don’t pull punches in thanking all the women in their life who have been their from the start. The women who have remained unmoving pillar of support, these women whom we often take for granted are truly appreciated in the song.

The song is a unique blend of hiphop, jazz and soul and its sure to have you bumping your head and singing along in no time.


There are countless songs written about women, but it is rare to find one that’s an ode to female friends and their strength as humans. “Sisters” is just that. Jak Lizard’s smooth vocals and Yoh the Shaolin’s contemplative lyrics complement each other while thanking the women in their lives whose support has gotten them to where they are, and who inspire them on a daily basis. The world needs more songs like “Sisters”, and more people to appreciate and spread positivity for females everywhere.

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