California based emcee J1  teams up with Illogic (Greenhouse Effect) and Sammy Warm Hands (Arcane Amalgam) on this new single titled “Come Closer” that sees the emcees in their rawest form as they tackle issues ranging from oppressive systems, capitalism and exploitation by the powers that be.  The song is enhanced by a powerful boom-bap backdrop courtesy of Gypsy Baritone, the emcees blend unfiltered bravado and vivid lyrics that prick the thinking mind while entertaining the listeners.


Speaking on the track J1 said It’s about addressing the oppressive components within society, and possibly how to transcend them. Originally I proposed writing a song from the perspective of children who had grown up in a society that had enslaved and exploited them their whole lives, and now as grown men what they had to say about it all. I was inspired by the fact that I have spent two decades in activist type work, trying to educate and encourage people to stand up in their communities and work together to achieve something more than the scraps of a failed system. Honestly, I tried to imagine what my three-year-old son would grow up seeing in his lifetime, and speak on it somehow. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify

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