Illogic‘s newest release “Aphextwin” is a gripping off-kilter track that explores the boiling emotions due to the state of affairs in the world today. The title is a nod to the British electronic producer who goes by the name which Illogic says his music inspired him to make the song.

The self-produced track is dark and ominous with it’s deep rising synths, somber pads, and punchy drums arranged sparsely. Illogic delivers a passionate performance steeped in human angst at the way the world is at the moment. He shares his thoughts with vivid details and his multi-layered lyrics sure take the center stage. Lines like “clusters of canvasses clutter the gallery walls loaded with fictional diction dictating a pixelated fallacy called impossible”

The visuals are self-directed as well and make use of performance-focused shots. It also focuses on his face and the dark cryptic visual effects sure add a somber emotional punch to it all.

This is the 2nd single from Illogic’s forthcoming album Autopilot, which will drop on CD, Vinyl, and digital formats on October 20th Preorder it HERE.

Although this is Illogic’s 8th studio album in a highly decorated two-decade plus career, as the title signifies it’s his first self-produced album. The album will also feature his fellow Super Duty Tough Work Podcast host, Blueprint as well as Supastition and Just Joey.

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